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What Directors are saying about Joanne:
“We just did a corporate video and hired Joanne to be our actress and narrator and she was FANTASTIC! Joanne handled every line expertly even when we made on the fly script changes. Her professionalism and patience is unmatched. Plus our client having just seen a preview of her work said that she was a terrific choice for the part! Kudos Joanne love your work can't wait to share the final with you! We look forward to working with you again!"
 - Geoff Slick, Owner Slick Ideas
“Thank you for being such a Pro yesterday in that ridiculous heat. You were wonderful! The clients were very happy. Thank you for making me look good. Look forward to working with you again."
 - Craig Reynolds Producer/Director Visual Communications
“Joanne was wonderful. Keep her in your A+ list. Thank you for finding her for us."
(sent to casting director)
 - Craig Reynolds Producer/Director, Visual Communications
“Harry, the CEO, was thrilled about the video and we were really happy with the result. We had tons of compliments about your work! We were grateful to have you on our team and we hope to do many more videos in the near future."
- Joe Acchione Producer, TribeSound Productions
“Hi Joanne,You were an instant hit... We enjoyed your calming presence and the feeling of assurance you project. The session went very well."
- Tom Thompson, Tat Communication

"I work with a lot of VO, but you are one of my favorite people to work with so far. You're responsive, friendly, and we love your work!"
- Emily S, Red Nucleus

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